Excerpts from Real Faith in Action 

“Being righteous is not a recommendation for enhancing the ef­fectiveness of one’s faith, but it is a requirement; righteousness must be mixed with faith. This is clear from the testimonies of Abel and Enoch as opposed to Cain’s. It therefore follows that, faith is a tool that is placed in the hands of the righteous, not the unrighteous, to bring into fruition what God promised us in His word.”

--From Principle Two: Faith must be mixed with Righteousness 

“Faith is guaranteed to be doubted by at least one person, and often by the majority of onlookers, even occasionally by everyone else besides the person who believes! This guarantee is what causes faith always to seem ridiculous. The classifica­tion of being ‘ridiculous’ is thus ‘fitting’ for faith simply because it is a constant in every occurrence of faith: it will seem absurd to doubters.”

--From Principle Three: Faith requires doing the “Ridiculous” 

“There will be times when our circumstances will not only appear to be dead, but death will indeed be evident for all to witness because of the smell of ensuing decomposition. The choice will then be ours to make whether we will validate, confirm, and affirm death—or infuse life into the situation by confessing what God decrees, like Ezekiel did. We must be fearless in prophesying life accord­ing to God’s word, even when others around us try to convince us of the presence of death.”

--From Principle Six: Faith is not nullified by anything, not even death, our last enemy 

“It was by looking be­yond the visible and unto the invisible, the writer explains, that Moses was able to conquer his fear of the king. He looked beyond the object of his fear and unto the invisible God in whose hands his life was held secure. He knew that no matter what might happen to him, it could only occur if the Keeper of his life allowed it, and not because his enemy willed it. Now since we cannot see the invisible God with the natural eyes, but only through the eyes of faith can we receive this courage, faith thus becomes the means by which we are able to find courage to withstand our fears. This is how Moses was able to face the king, and it is the same way that we will be able to face those ‘kings’ that stand to oppose our effort to choose Christ over the world.”

--From principle Eight: Faith sees beyond the present “pleasures” of this life 

“Justification by faith does not only consist of the judicial act whereby we are forgiven and placed into a peaceful standing with God—but also God’s act to move us into a peaceful standing with ourselves! God is by no means in the business of making us at peace with Him while desiring that we remain at war within ourselves. Rather, His will is for us to be able to stand in His presence without shame, as well as to be able to look at our image, both in a physical mirror and in the mirrors of our minds, and be able to smile at what we see, which is a new creation (2 Cor 5:17)!”

--From principle Nine: Faith is the only means whereby we are justified 


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